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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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p[music] up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. hitting central jayme king is tracking the chilly temperatures in your forecast. plus - a mother and her kids terrorized when gunmen storm into their home overnight. details on why orlando police believe.. the bad guys had the wrong house. plus and-- breaking right !e search is on for three american contractors who were kidnapped in iraq over the weekedn. the details surrounding their disappearance.
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new this morning -- gunmen burst into a home... and terrorize a mother and her teenage children inside. orlando police believe the suspects targeted the wrong house. it happened just after midnight -- at a home on harwood street. that's just south of colornial drive, near the orange county sheriff's office.
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the home through the front door. they confronted a woman and her kids. the gunmen searched the home... but left withouth taking anything. police believe the gunmen had the wrong house. fortunely, no one was injured. officers say the suspects left the scene in a grey chevy impala. a severe weather alert-- this morning-- parts of florida are cleaning up after severe weather rolled across the state. at least three tornadoes were reported.. one of those quickly turned deadly. fox 35's tiffany
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it was a much central florida.. here we felt the wind and the rain.. hours after the damage was done along florida's gulf coast. power was knocked out for several su customers-- in areas like merritt island and lake mary. in orange county-- still looking for a missing man who has autism. 23-year-old john noss was last seen early saturday morning at his parents house in the tuscarora trail area. his parents say he has the mental capacity of a 12-to-16 year-old. he was last seen is good" t-shirt,
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shorts and black new balance tennis shoes. his family says he left on foot. if you see him... call maitland police. breaking news -- three american missing in iraq! )qqjen were grabbed by a group apartment in baghdad the kidnapping but it was not wjthe u-s state working with iraqi authorities to find them. no one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. two of the men are dual iraqi-american citizens. the third is an american national. meanwhile -- one of the 5 americans who was detained in an iranian prison -- is back home with his family. the boston globe reports -- "matthew trevithick" arrived at boston's logan airport last the globe posted this picture on their )q]ick family. he spent 40 days in an iranian prison. four other eed by the iranian government over the weekend.
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the white house pardoned or commuted the sentences of 7 iranians being held in prisons here in the u-s. meanwhile -- the whereabouts of a missing f-b-i agent in iran, remains a mystery. robert levinson disappeared off iran's kish island in 2007 - while working as a freelance spy for the c-i-a. iran denies they're holding levinson. president obama says iran said it will help the u-s find him. president obama has signed an executive order lifting some of the u-s economic sanctions on iran. the move comes after a u-n nuclear watchdog agency said iran is in compliance with its nuclear deal. also new this
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for the first time in nearly a decade... lake county's high school graduation m below the state average. it slipped to 75.8- percent last year... according to the department of education. right now florida's average is 77.8- percent. officials with the lake county school district tell the daily commercial that they're still looking into what's behind this drop. but they say they're more worried lake county students who do graduate... may not be adequately prepared for college. news alert now-- a traffic accident turns into a deadly shootout in utah over the weekend... and this morning... an officer is fighting for his life. the violence began when salt lake police went after a and a woman who took off running... following yesterday's crash. police say officer douglas barney caught up with the man... cory henderson... who shot and killed him. henderson continued shooting as back-up arrived... injuring officer jon richey... but henderson was eventually shot to death himself. right now officer richey is in serious condition at a hospital. police say henderson had been wanted for several crimes... including a federal arms violation. officers also
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woman... who's being held for leaving the scene of an accident. today is martin luther king junior day.. ... and if you depend on sunrail to get need to find a different ride. will not be running-- in observance of the junior holiday. sunrail says... its trains will be back up and running tomorrow, starting just after 5 a-m. also closed for the holiday-- banks... schools... and government r(tgkthat includes the post-office-- which will not be delivering today. most stores and restaurants are open, though. coming up next-- the democratic candidates taking the state in south carolina last night... for their first debate of the year. things got very heated between the candidates. we've got more on the topics discussed... and
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thursday when two military helicopters collided mid-air and went down. the coast guard has found debris consistent with the missing aircraft... but at this point there is no sign of the marines. crews have been fighting rough surf the past few days...which is making it more difficult to search the water. you decide 2016-- the gloves were off in last night's democratic debate in charleston, south carolina. hillary clinton and bernie sanders turned up the heat during their 4th and final debate before the iowa caucus. fox's caroline
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front runner on the g-o-p side. in a "real clear politics" poll take last week -- trump is 15 percentage points ahead of his closest rival, ted cruz. trump has 35 percent support -- compaired to cruz's 20 percent. marco rubio, is in third, with 12 percent support. the other nine candidates polled less than 10 percent. coming up next-- an orange county man accused of shooting a delivery person is due in court this morning. we'll have the latest details on his arrest. plus-- we're down to the final four in the nfl :mm jwe had some wild stuff in the divisional round sunday. the details coming up. before we go to break-- it's martin luther king day! tons of people have been honoring his memory by posting online....sharing his and equality. if you want to join in on the conversation--just
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you can follow us on twitter, or tweet us-- just use #g-d-o investigators are trying to figure out a cause after flames rip through a lake county business. that story kicks off
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the massive fire happened at the lake in leesburg saturday night. this is a look inside the gutted building. says the building has been standing for 100 years. people who live nearby are in shock. no one was hurt in the fire. an orange county man accused of shooting a delivery man is due in court tomorrow. jai brown was arrested last night. police say brown fired several shots at a delivery man on thursday... hitting him in the legs. that delivery man is expected to be ok. deputies say brown has been involved in several shootings in recent weeks. we've had heavy rain and tornadoes in florida.... but it's a much different picture up north. take a look at this video from buffalo, new york... which is getting hit by a lot of snow! forecasters say the
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twenty inches of snow in the next few days. officials say gusty winds could produce more blowing snow, causing some travel
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turning now to sports-- it was a big weekend for nf-l football,
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final four in the divisional playoffs. fox 's 35 adam shadoff has your sportzone report. coming up next-- airline workers
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including florida-- are planning to stand in protest today. plus-- a florida woman finds a shark-- swimming in a pool! coming up... more on how it got there... and how wildlife officials were able
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pulled in 34-million dollars this weekend, bumping "star wars" from its perch on the top spot! "the force awakens" actually falls to third, with leonardo dicaprio's "the revenant" stayed in second... earning about 29 and a half million bucks. trending right now-- a south florida woman tried to recuse a shark---after she j swimming pool. nicole bonk was visiting friends at mariner's cay condo's....when she saw two boys carrying the shark into the pool. nicole and her husband rushed to save the shark...but they say it was
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shark all the way back to the . f-w-c says it was a 5 foot black tip shark.... the wildlife commission is still looking for the two boys responsible. time to take a look making headlines in palm beach deputy is on paid leave-- after shooting and killing a driver who reportedly pointed a gun at him. according to the rq"eputy pulled over the suspect on saturday in belle glade. detectives say the 19-year-old got out of his car and started running. that's when detectives say he stopped and pointed a gun at the deputy, who fired at the suspect-twice. the suspect died on scene. also in south florida-- today... airline workers plan to on-going fight for better pay. according to the miami herald-- workers from the "service employees international union" will gather outside an airline contractor in miami. union officials say they're calling for better benefits, job protection, and a minimum wage of 15- dollars per hour. the union says employees will also protest in eight
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coming up in the five o'clock hour of good day orlando-- it's cold in central florida! jayme king's tracking these chilly temperatures. the search is on for a gunmen... who terrorizes a mother and her teenage kids in a home invasion overnight. we've got the
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